Dungeons and Doggos is all the cute you need today


Have you ever wondered what would happen if dogs playedDungeons and Dragons?

The internethas an answer for you in the form ofDungeons and Doggos,a web comic that details the day to day tabletop tales of some really good puppers.


Watching these pups play through D&D scenarios is overwhelmingly cute, and just the thing to start your week off right.


That dungeon master fur baby is talented and honestly kind of savage. I mean, don’t get me wrong, when someone rolls a critical fail it is up to the DM to creatively punish the poor adventurer, but locked out of the bedroom? The horror!


These pups, based on the creator’s own four dogs, play the popular game in a quintessentiallydog-ish manner. Who wants gold when you can have a tennis ball or all the pets you could ask for? We are looking forward to following this courageous pupperparty as itcombats the terrors of acanine tabletop adventure.

The talented creator behind Dungeons and Doggos,Vickie Lee,is on Reddit asvleeillustrations, and she uploads all the comics to her Tumblr account. You can also find the D&D dogs onTwitter, Instagram and Facebook as @DnDoggos.

These nerdy little dogs are definitely worth checking out. 13/10 would play.

Read more: https://www.dailydot.com/parsec/dungeons-and-doggos/

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